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1 UTSA Circle, San Antonio Texas, 78249

AET 2.102

abouT us

We are a project-based organization that allows undergraduate students to gain experience in robotics. All of our projects consist of different teams, such as mechanical, electrical, computer science, and project management. 

Advanced Robotics Officers

Advanced Robotics Officers

our projects


The Region 5 robotics competition is a conference hosted by IEEE.

The objective of this year's competition is to make an autonomous litter picking machine. 


The NASA Student Launch is a collaborative effort between Advanced Robotics & Aeronautics and Rocket Club. The teams must  to design, build, and fly payloads or vehicle components that support the Space Launch System.


Project Kinect is a turtle-bot with a kinect system. The team's objective is to use Robotic Operating System (ROS) to identify an series of colored blocks with images on them and sort them by color.


Robosub is national competition in which teams will be making an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) to perform different underwater tasks. 


The Robotic Arm Project is a semester long project in which the team is set to build a robotic arm that is able to to identify colored blocks and is able to sort them.


The Sumo-Bot Competition is a local competition hosted by Advanced Robotics. Two robots will go head to head and try to immobilize the other by flipping or pushing the other from the playing field.

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